About the enterprise

The country's leading manufacturer of potato flakes, Oy Norrgård Ab, has intensified its activities. The renewed factory processes high quality potato flakes 24 hours a day. Growth will allow the marketing of much cleaner quality potato flakes compared to the competitors in Russia and in the western markets.

Our mission is to become the top company in producing high-quality potato flakes in Europe. During a two-year development project the enterprise has introduced new production equipment and controls. The aim is both higher and more even quality of the end product. This is very important for the company's customers and the competitiveness.

In recent years, the company's ownership base has been expanded so that the local farmers and potato packaging companies have been made shareholders. This increases mutual security - for the shareholders this secures the potato and potato Class B outlets and for the company this secures access to raw materials. At the same time shareholders can improve quality and profitability.

Continuous production processes development is vital for Norrgård. Only by doing this we can maintain and improve our competitiveness. For example, the factory has substantially reduced the environmental load and has also made significant cost savings. During the last harvest season we developed the water and waste recovery systems. In this context, the company built a modern water treatment plant. In 1992, we used in our processes 390 m³ of water per day. Today, we let from our water-treatment plants to the city's sewage system an average of 15 m³ of water per day. The waste resulting from the peeling is processed to feed. A similar type of new improvement targets are set for the ongoing two-year development project.

In addition to potato flakes Oy Norrgård Ab also manufactures gherkin salad. The raw material of gherkin salad is also derived from the surrounding area. This way Närpes cucumber packing companies's rejected "curvy" cucumbers don't go into waste.

Oy Norrgård Ab estimates it's market share to be 60 % and is thus the leading potato flake manufacturer in Finland. The factory in Närpes directly employs 16 people. Additionally, sub-contractors, transport companies, machine maintenance companies etc. employ a dozen people more. The customers of Norrgård are our country's biggest bakeries, food industry, wholesalers and industrial kitchens.