Responsibility for the future

We only have one planet, and we need to cherish it for generations to come. We believe with all our heart that the rational production and distribution can be combined with strong environmental thinking. Environmental work is also aimed at a resource-efficient operation, which of course is rational and cost-saving.

Environmental issues should be fully integrated into all the activities of the company and all employees and partners should approve them.

Persistence in the work in both small and large issues, we can all contribute to the improvement of the environment. Much has already been done, but much still remains to be done.

We at Norrgård will continue to work to ensure that the state of the environment in the future would be better.

Environmental principles

  • Norrgård's basic principle of environmental issues is the respect for the environment, so that it is not compromised.
  • Norrgård aims for a resource-efficient production and utilization of all types of material.
  • Norrgård's active environmental work aims to influence the water and air pollution control, and reduce the amount of waste caused by production.
  • Norrgård aims in cooperation with the environmental authorities to improve it's operations's internal and external surroundings.
  • Norrgård makes sure that every employee has the opportunity to receive training in environmental matters.
  • Norrgård's staff must take responsibility and participate in environmental work.