Norrgård in Närpes – an exciting enterprise in the line of foodstuffs deeply anchored in the soil of South Ostrobothnia.

Norrgård in Närpes, officially Oy Norrgård Börje Ab, is both an old and a young enterprise. The company combines tradition, quality and know-how with modern techniques and innovative new products. The foundation of the enterprise was laid by Börje Norrgård, who started Ky Börje Norrgård Ab in Dagsmark in 1976, with the first all-covering potato processing plant. This became very soon one of the leading enterprises in producing frozen and dried potato products in Finland. Later the ownership changed and Börje Norrgård started producing potato flakes in Närpes.

Today Norrgård is a modern enterprise in the line of foodstuffs with rational production and high quality requirements combined with active environmental care. Product development and marketing today are in an important position in the activity of the enterprise and the assortment has increased with new unique products.

Today the production of Norrgård is based on potato flakes. The valuable preconditions that once made it possible for Börje Norrgård to start the potato flakes production are even today decisive for the success of the enterprise.

The fertile soil in South Ostrobothnia with a lot of potato cultivators and packing plants is a strong base for the activity. The participation of the packing plants in the business gives the enterprise more strength and security for the future.

The potato flakes of Norrgård have become very popular all over Europe and the great demand has been noticed time after time in the form of the abundant export to many countries in Europe and Asia.

Norrgård in Närpes

The processing plant and the main office of the enterprise are located in Närpes in South Ostrobothnia, a locality of 10 000 inhabitants where vegetables are the dominating source of livelihood. The region is also the leading producer of these products both in the municipality of Närpes and in Finland. 


Norrgård is a company owned by about ten potato packing plants. 


Norrgård is active on many markets including the food industry, bakeries and production of snacks. A great deal of the production is exported to many countries in Europe and in Asia. 


Norrgård has at the moment a narrow assortment of products but it follows the clients’ wishes and requirements. However the products are quite unique without the use of additives and by being organic. The enterprise also has production of organic potato flakes, Krav products (Swedish label for quality control of ecological foodstuffs) and Kosher/Halal products. Norrgård works hard with product development to be able to launch new exciting products and concepts on the market for the users of today and tomorrow.